Health is Your Greatest Wealth

Nutritional supplements are without a doubt one of the most easily accessible and also one of the most confusing aspects of natural health. High quality nutritional supplements can go a long way in making up for poor diet and nutrition. Think of it this way, would you put recap tires on a Mercedes? Poor quality supplements are not only ineffective but can actually do more harm than good. Using bio-available and balanced high quality supplements provide the essential elements our bodies need to thrive, and to achieve optimum health.

Our bodies require Protein, Vitamins and Minerals to produce healthy cells and maintain our overall health. Can we obtain them from diet alone? The answer to that question is another, “What did you eat today?” Let’s be honest, not many people eat according to the Food Guide Pyramid and those that do fail to do so each and everyday. Nutritional supplements are used to fulfill a deficiency of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in our everyday diet. They are simply a way of life today.

We are literally bombarded everyday with free radicals introduced into the body by drugs, alcohol, pesticides, smoking, stress, polluted air, eating an unhealthy diet, and a number of other sources. Although our bodies are designed to combat these attacks, it requires good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to win the battle.

Antioxidants are directly involved in the prevention of cellular damage, the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases. They are our frontline defense against the free radicals that constantly affect our cells each day. Maintaining adequate amounts of antioxidants is crucial in preventing free radical damage to our cells and developing a strong immune system.

Healthy cells mean a healthy body; not just on the inside but you’ll be amazed how this will reflect on the outside. Give your body what it needs to be healthy and the results may surprise you.

Studies consistently show that for optimum health, you should eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables everyday as part of a balanced diet. Studies from the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Aging, John Hopkins University and the American Heart Association found that antioxidants from fruits, vegetables and other natural plants have hundreds of protective nutrients. Studies also indicate antioxidants do more than protect against free radicals; they also stimulate the immune system response to help fight existing diseases. Give your body what it needs to be healthy and the magic will happen!

Your health is your greatest wealth, without it it’s very hard to imagine life as we know it. In my opinion, I have learned that many people don’t understand just how important their health really is until they lose it.