A Whole House In-Line Water Filter Can Clean Your Drinking and Bathing Water And Improve Your Health

Recently the National Resources Defense Council made the question of whether one should install whole house in-line water filter systems a simple matter. Through their independent research, they have found that bottled is no safer than tap. In many instances, bottled brands are simply tap water in a plastic container. Whereas tap water has high trace elements like chlorine, bottled varieties show unsafe amounts of phthalate, a carcinogenic chemical that seeps from plastic as it chemically interacts with the air.

Tap water’s worst reputation comes from the strong taste of chlorine that assails the tastebuds and the nostrils when drinking or even showering. Bottled water may not taste as much like chlorine, but because it is often sold in the same state in which it is produced, it escapes all regulation that might apply to it by the FDA. To illustrate the breadth of the problem, bottled waters are not even required to be free of bacteria like E. Coli. Now that’s scary.

The presence of chlorine in modern supplies is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, chlorine removes impurities like bacteria from the water. On the other hand, chlorine is itself an impurity, and it has been shown to be harmful to health. Two of the health issues associated with chlorine are skin ailments via showering and other skin exposure to chlorinated water, breathing difficulties resulting from breathing chloroform, the gaseous form of chlorine. Chlorine also has internal negative consequences such as fatigue, cancers, and degenerative nerve disorders.

Once house in-line water filters are installed, however, the problems disappear.

For children these effects of impurities can be even more drastic. Children’s bodies are more sensitive to contaminants because they are growing, and they are naturally less immune to bacteria because of their immature systems. The effects of chemical impurities, then, are many times worse than that of adults. Recent studies by the EPA and FDA have shown that children are being much more adversely affected by the presence of impurities in their water, to the point where infants are drinking significant amounts of deadly substances like lead, E. coli, and mercury in their baby formula.

The whole house in-line water filter systems give consumers another option beside these two highly flawed sources. The filtration of this system removes the contaminants from the tap water and creates water which tastes better and is safer for all uses. Through a three stage system, first sediments are removed, then chemicals like chlorine, phthalate, and other carcinogens are removed, and finally the water is run through a bituminous charcoal filter to improve taste and clarity.

The best part is that the system is not only superior but far cheaper than bottled or other alternatives, and it is simple to maintain. Like your favorite house plants, the house in-line water filters thrive from benign neglect, needing your attention for a new filter only once every three years.

The house in-line water filters are an excellent way to put your mind at ease and know without a doubt that the water you are drinking and using in your household is safe and healthy. Better still, the system costs no more than ten cents a gallon. The only upkeep it needs is a replacement filter once every three years. No more lugging plastic jugs from the cart to the car and the car to the house, no more worrying and scrunching up one’s face over the taste of the tap water. Whole house in-line water filters solve the water dilemma once and for all.